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Photographing delicious pies

thanksgiving pies food photography_palm beach illustrated
I was SUPER excited when Palm Beach Illustrated asked me to photograph another story for their beautiful magazine and it just landed in my mailbox. This one was particularly near and dear to my heart because it involved so many of my friends (YAY!) and delicious, beautiful desserts - PIES! What more could you ask for. I suppose, being super honest, the chance to eat the creations. Since giving up gluten about four months ago to try and curb my lifelong migraines, I didn’t get the chance to sample any of the pies – but such is life. If any magazine is working on a story on gluten-free pies and would like me to photograph it – hey – I’ m all over that! 😉


When pies are made by friends

As always I was completely awed by the creative talent that walked through my door and eternally grateful for the trust the magazine put in my hands to execute the vision with a vintage, romantic feel. These pies were created by the following amazing bakers: Love Well Baking Co., The Sugar Monky, Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach, Earth and Sugar, and Bond and Smolders.
Check out the spread as well as some of my favorite images.
Honor Grout CleaningDecember 6, 2016 - 8:22 am

The pictures are all nice, I can see that the dessert pies are really delicious too.Since I still loved sweets, I will definitely try to sample any of that pies. :)..

Honor Grout CleaningDecember 6, 2016 - 8:27 am

Images are great. I can see that the sweet pies are delicious. I will definitely try to have a sample :)

A chef-driven restaurant that will blow your mind



There’s a classy new restaurant opening this month in Downtown Abacoa - a restaurant that is highlighting not just an impeccable wine list but is a chef-driven restaurant that will blow your mind. I recently created the food photography and food styling, the portraits and interior photography for Aaron’s Table  and Wine Bar – photography that is rich in story-telling that lets the beauty of the food shine through.



Chef Aaron Fuller has lived in Abacoa for the last six years – so when he saw the space that formerly held Rooney’s open up, he knew their was potential for something great to go in. His extensive background in fine dining led him to a menu that ranges from pork belly with a Thai peanut brittle, tamarind and cilantro to a far with watermelon, feta, mint and balsamic to sautéed langoustines with sweet corn nage, pumpernickel croutons and basil oil. You can order the family meal of the day (!) or pan-seared bronzino. Baked Alaska, bread pudding, moldten chocolate cake.




Chef Aaron, who works at Mar-a-Lago as the Director of Food and Beverage drew not just upon his experience in fine dining but his extensive travels to create the menu.



The restaurant, which opens November 5, features a gorgeous Chef’s Table in the front window named Aaron’s Table. The table can be reserved for wine-tasting’s, private dinners, birthday parties and can seat six to eight.



The restaurant will eventually open for lunch and brunch. The talented Chef Marc Cela will serve as Chef de Cuisine.



Aaron’s Table and Wine Bar is located at 1153 Town Center Drive, Jupiter FL. Please visit http://aaronstable.com for more information.

How the Pizza Girls creates magic

pizza girls restaurant florida food photography


Here are two things you should know.

1. I’ve been eating Pizza Girls since I moved to West Palm Beach in 2004. The Soho Pizza with artichokes, tomatoes and gorgonzola cheese to be precise.

And 2. Pizza is one of the most difficult items to photograph. So when the Pizza Girls called and asked if we could do a photo shoot I was elated and a tad bit worried about making their pizza look as amazing as I know it tastes.

I first met Jen, one of the Pizza Girls, in my first food photography workshop a few years ago. Of course, I hoped they’d hire me to do their food photography then but I wanted to give her the tools to be successful on a daily basis. Fast-forward to this week and I wasn’t leaving anything up to chance. I wanted the most amazing photos of their pizza and would stop at nothing. To do this, we called up my gal food stylist Stacey Stolman, who never fails to deliver on set with either her personality or amazing dishes.

pizza girls west palm beach food photography libby vision


And there we are, creating the Pizza Girls magic


We took over the inside (glad we were shooting in October instead of December) and created a beautiful little photo studio with lighting that mimicked natural light (one of my greatest accomplishments!)



From there, it was pure magic. I created pizza vibes – not just close-up pictures of pizza but beautiful pizza scenes that, as Jen put it when looking at the pictures later on – invoked a feeling when she looked at them. This is the ultimate compliment and my dream as a food photographer – to create pictures that make you feel!


pizza girls west palm beach food photography


I’m so proud of each of these images – they’re successful by themselves but even more successful when taken as a whole.

Pizza Girls is opening a new location in Palm Beach Gardens this winter. And until then, you can get your pizza fix at the Clematis location – 114 S. Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach. Believe me – they’re a special place. http://www.pizzagirls.com

JenniferOctober 31, 2016 - 8:26 am

Loved, Loved, Loved working Libby & Stacey!
It was a joy to work with people who took such pride in making our pizzas look like art I wanted to frame! It was a fun day, & We are excited about the finished photos! We highly recommend them both!

Why Twenty Twenty Grille is Boca Raton's must visit

Twenty Twenty Grille is one of those restaurants that you read about in online guides, scribble in your notes, mark on your phone, and think I MUST visit. Words like small, intimate, special, excellent, the best dot their glowing reviews and it’s highly sought after as a destination.

At least, that’s how most people probably find Twenty Twenty Grille.


When you photograph amazing dishes with amazing people


I found them years ago, wrote about them for a Palm Beach Post story, instantly fell in love with their story – towering, stoic Chef Ron, who’s always got a hint of a grin in the corner of his eyes and his beautiful, bubbling wife Rhonda, an accomplished pastry chef who’s deftly taken over the front of the house, the management of the restaurant and the marketing, web site, all the intricacies that most people would find mundane. I loved creating photos for their web site, loved working with them to help get their brand to represent who they are.



It’s all about twenty

Twenty seats inside, twenty seats outside, a beautiful wine list, modern, clean, sophisticated food. Fine dining without being pretentious, astute attention to detail, innovative dishes, a feeling of being family and friends and fussed over all at once. It’s the quintessential dining experience and a unique combination of impeccable but loving service and absolutely flawless, innovative and superb food.




Lucky Libby and the best Twenty Twenty Grille sweets


Rhonda recently needed a special cocktail shot that was being featured in a magazine, so while we were shooting it, we took the opportunity to shoot their desserts as well.

Twenty Twenty Grille sweets South Florida food photography Libby Vision


And because Rhonda’s a former pastry chef, this was particularly fun.

Check out the pictures below, then make your reservations now!


Twenty Twenty Grille

141 Via Naranjas, Suite 45, Boca Raton, FL 33432 

Phone number (561) 990-7969


Kitchen - all about the food

kitchen restaurant palm beach florida food photography

Halibut – filet of halibut, artichokes, wild mushrooms, truffled clam broth.


A few weeks ago, I had a joyous reunion with some of my favorite clients Aliza and Mathew Byrne of Kitchen to take some awesome new food photos of a few beautiful new dishes in their modern eatery in West Palm Beach.nts (and favorite people!)

kitchen restaurant palm beach florida food photography



Aliza and I always spend the first 20 minutes gabbing intently – I think we could talk for hours if we didn’t have Matthew bringing out all the food! We are now an efficient machine and get the shoot done in record time. That’s one of the pluses of repeat clients – getting things down pat on shoots.





Check out these gorgeous dishes – and then book your reservation for them ASAP.

They’re one of those restaurants where reservations are “strongly recommended” which means you’ve got to book now! Call 561.249.2281  or visit their website http://kitchenpb.com


kitchen restaurant palm beach florida food photography

Why you should visit the Lipmans and their Coolinary Café

Last week, we had a photo shoot with some of my favorite people ever - Jenny and Tim Lipman of Coolinary Café. I LOVE the Lipman’s. Three years ago they launched Coolinary – a small farm-to-table eatery located in  a strip mall of Donald Ross Road. Jenny and Tim built Coolinary with sweat equity – spending evenings after Tim worked at The Food Shack putting in the floors themselves.

Three years later it’s the shining star of North County and locals and tourists line up for a seat at the bar and a glimpse of Tim behind the bar. Winter and summer, lunch and dinner. Packed.


Food in front of mind


Expect a long wait no matter when you go. The food – farm-to-table greatness. But Tim doesn’t just write farm names on the chalkboard – he adheres to true seasonality of fruits and vegetables with a staunch firmness and keeps the farm's interests and food at the front of his menu and his mind. So much so when I suggested bringing in fava beans into the shoot as a prop he vehemently nixed the idea because they weren’t even in season in California.

This summer they went through a gorgeous remodel and brought me into document the results – including portraits of their rock start chefs. It culminated in a food shoot. “You do your thing,” they told me!

That meant I got to take their food to my studio and photograph food stories of their delicious food, integrating props that would accentuate their food and create stylistically-driven food photos.

The results? I LOVED them – all of them. I hope you do too.

Coolinary Cafe Libby Vision


Coolinary Café – perfect clients and perfect people


The Lipman’s are pretty much perfect clients and perfect people. Kind, caring, hard-working, geniuses in the kitchen and collaborative community members. They’re a part of No Kid Hungry – Tim is a member of the board every year striving to end childhood hunger.

And their food is incredible.

Go visit it. They’re located at 4650 Donald Ross Road in the Donald Ross Villages Plaza on the south side of Donald Ross Rd between Central Blvd and Military Trail. Look for the line of people.


Cristyle EgittoAugust 15, 2016 - 3:02 pm

Love Culinary Cafe and Chef Tim Lipman!

Gorgeous photos, as always, Libby!

Jared PetlevAugust 15, 2016 - 10:30 pm

Super fresh, attractively plated and unbelievably tasty. Coolinary Cafe is the best.

JackieAugust 16, 2016 - 7:11 am

First time here was this past weekend on a friend's recommendation and it will most definitely not be our last.

Beautiful images!