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Why Twenty Twenty Grille is Boca Raton's must visit

Twenty Twenty Grille is one of those restaurants that you read about in online guides, scribble in your notes, mark on your phone, and think I MUST visit. Words like small, intimate, special, excellent, the best dot their glowing reviews and it’s highly sought after as a destination.

At least, that’s how most people probably find Twenty Twenty Grille.


When you photograph amazing dishes with amazing people


I found them years ago, wrote about them for a Palm Beach Post story, instantly fell in love with their story – towering, stoic Chef Ron, who’s always got a hint of a grin in the corner of his eyes and his beautiful, bubbling wife Rhonda, an accomplished pastry chef who’s deftly taken over the front of the house, the management of the restaurant and the marketing, web site, all the intricacies that most people would find mundane. I loved creating photos for their web site, loved working with them to help get their brand to represent who they are.



It’s all about twenty

Twenty seats inside, twenty seats outside, a beautiful wine list, modern, clean, sophisticated food. Fine dining without being pretentious, astute attention to detail, innovative dishes, a feeling of being family and friends and fussed over all at once. It’s the quintessential dining experience and a unique combination of impeccable but loving service and absolutely flawless, innovative and superb food.




Lucky Libby and the best Twenty Twenty Grille sweets


Rhonda recently needed a special cocktail shot that was being featured in a magazine, so while we were shooting it, we took the opportunity to shoot their desserts as well.

Twenty Twenty Grille sweets South Florida food photography Libby Vision


And because Rhonda’s a former pastry chef, this was particularly fun.

Check out the pictures below, then make your reservations now!


Twenty Twenty Grille

141 Via Naranjas, Suite 45, Boca Raton, FL 33432 

Phone number (561) 990-7969


Kitchen - all about the food

kitchen restaurant palm beach florida food photography

Halibut – filet of halibut, artichokes, wild mushrooms, truffled clam broth.


A few weeks ago, I had a joyous reunion with some of my favorite clients Aliza and Mathew Byrne of Kitchen to take some awesome new food photos of a few beautiful new dishes in their modern eatery in West Palm Beach.nts (and favorite people!)

kitchen restaurant palm beach florida food photography



Aliza and I always spend the first 20 minutes gabbing intently – I think we could talk for hours if we didn’t have Matthew bringing out all the food! We are now an efficient machine and get the shoot done in record time. That’s one of the pluses of repeat clients – getting things down pat on shoots.





Check out these gorgeous dishes – and then book your reservation for them ASAP.

They’re one of those restaurants where reservations are “strongly recommended” which means you’ve got to book now! Call 561.249.2281  or visit their website http://kitchenpb.com


kitchen restaurant palm beach florida food photography

Why you should visit the Lipmans and their Coolinary Café

Last week, we had a photo shoot with some of my favorite people ever - Jenny and Tim Lipman of Coolinary Café. I LOVE the Lipman’s. Three years ago they launched Coolinary – a small farm-to-table eatery located in  a strip mall of Donald Ross Road. Jenny and Tim built Coolinary with sweat equity – spending evenings after Tim worked at The Food Shack putting in the floors themselves.

Three years later it’s the shining star of North County and locals and tourists line up for a seat at the bar and a glimpse of Tim behind the bar. Winter and summer, lunch and dinner. Packed.


Food in front of mind


Expect a long wait no matter when you go. The food – farm-to-table greatness. But Tim doesn’t just write farm names on the chalkboard – he adheres to true seasonality of fruits and vegetables with a staunch firmness and keeps the farm's interests and food at the front of his menu and his mind. So much so when I suggested bringing in fava beans into the shoot as a prop he vehemently nixed the idea because they weren’t even in season in California.

This summer they went through a gorgeous remodel and brought me into document the results – including portraits of their rock start chefs. It culminated in a food shoot. “You do your thing,” they told me!

That meant I got to take their food to my studio and photograph food stories of their delicious food, integrating props that would accentuate their food and create stylistically-driven food photos.

The results? I LOVED them – all of them. I hope you do too.

Coolinary Cafe Libby Vision


Coolinary Café – perfect clients and perfect people


The Lipman’s are pretty much perfect clients and perfect people. Kind, caring, hard-working, geniuses in the kitchen and collaborative community members. They’re a part of No Kid Hungry – Tim is a member of the board every year striving to end childhood hunger.

And their food is incredible.

Go visit it. They’re located at 4650 Donald Ross Road in the Donald Ross Villages Plaza on the south side of Donald Ross Rd between Central Blvd and Military Trail. Look for the line of people.


Cristyle EgittoAugust 15, 2016 - 3:02 pm

Love Culinary Cafe and Chef Tim Lipman!

Gorgeous photos, as always, Libby!

Jared PetlevAugust 15, 2016 - 10:30 pm

Super fresh, attractively plated and unbelievably tasty. Coolinary Cafe is the best.

JackieAugust 16, 2016 - 7:11 am

First time here was this past weekend on a friend's recommendation and it will most definitely not be our last.

Beautiful images!

Nitrogen Bar, Grill and Sushi: sexy dark photos - challenge accepted



One of the amazing things about the iPhone (especially the new ones!) is how easy it is to make beautiful pictures. There. I said it.

It’s a beautiful camera that makes creating beautiful pictures incredibly easy. The camera phone in general has brought photography to the masses and with each release of the iPhone, it’s easier and easier to make better pictures, especially when you have no training.

In many ways, I’m relieved. It’s better for chefs and business owners to showcase what they’re doing.

But make no mistake, it has not made my job as a professional photographer obsolete.

Many people can take a plate of food and put it by the window and create a beautiful image. And I love looking at those! And I love natural light!


Nitrogen Bar, Grill and Sushi and all that sexy darkness


But here’s my test.

For me, the mark of a true professional photographer is the ability to walk into a brightly lit room and make sexy, nighttime cocktail photos.

And then walk into the darkest spot in town and create photos.

And my ultimate test has ALWAYS been – can you make photos at Nitrogen?

Enter David Bouchard

Nitrogen Bar, Grill and Sushi, located off Indiantown Road in Jupiter is the darkest restaurant I’ve found. The kind of dark that takes your eyes a few minutes to adjust. But then you do and peer around and see the exposed brick and fanciest chandelier and a gorgeous bar and you’re suddenly transported away from a strip mall in Jupiter and into an urban oasis – think New York or Chicago and you get into the groove.

Serving up sushi as well as high-quality meat, it’s great for small-plates. And recently, one of my absolute favorite bartenders in the world started working there.

Enter David Bouchard, the most consistent, flavor explosive man-behind-the-bar. So I was thrilled- thrilled to work with them again.


I’ve been photographing Nitrogen since before it opened – I took some of my favorite interior pictures here. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite places to photograph because it IS so challenging.


Third time in Nitrogen Bar, Grill and Sushi...because I love challenges


My point is this. It’s easy to make pictures in gorgeous window light where you just stand there and point down. But I LOVE challenges and even better is creating beautiful photos in challenging circumstances.

Nitrogen_Bar and Grill_Cocktail Photography Florida

That’s why I absolutely freaked out when I made a moody, sexy masculine photo of one of David’s whisky drinks (Jupiter’s Redemption) at the end of the shoot. I posted on Facebook that I’d just created the best cocktail photo of my life. Later on, I wondered if it was true or if I just got swept up in the moment. I’m pretty sure it’s still true. And I love it even more because the room is so dark and the image was created with multiple lights.

Here’s the thing: learning lighting was challenging for me. That’s why I’m even more proud of being someone that knows how to not just point a light at a dish but meld and shift it, how to make it dance across a glass or skim the surface of a dish. How to truly modify it.

Back to the food (and drinks) – the short rib sliders in the buns are awesome but DO NOT miss the duck confit dumplings. I’m not really a duck person but ordered these at dinner Saturday night. With goat cheese and mushrooms balancing them out and a raspberry chipotle sauce, I was blown away.

And the drinks? Obv. amazing.

Nitrogen Bar and Grill Food Photography Libby Vision Florida




The Art of the Vegetable

Palm Beach Illustrated Vegetable Food Photography Libby Vision

Last week, one of my favorite stories came out in Palm Beach Illustrated: The Art of the Vegetable. For someone obsessed with photographing vegetables, I couldn’t think of a story I’d rather do.

I’ve always been entranced with photographing veggies. You can see them throughout every section of my portfolio (except for the desserts section, hee hee.) I find veggies beautiful. Seductive. Sexy. I wish I could say my rapture extended to eating them, but hey, I’m working on that too.


What photographing vegetables have to do with collaboration


This story boiled down to collaboration. Collaboration with the chefs, all of whom devoted part of their day off to bringing their dish to my studio house, where we created these photos, dealing with my dog who fell head over heels in love with each chef. (My dogs are great judges of character too, by the way.)

Collaboration with each other. I purposefully overlapped each chef just a bit so that they could hang out, see each other’s dish, build a little bit of community together.



Those who made my photos sing


And collaboration within the community. It wouldn’t have been possible without all the great props, from @WoodenTunaWoodShop to the pottery, created specifically for this project by The Samantha McInnis of The Clay Cache. You’ll see a lot more of her work in my photos in the future as her ethereal, cool tones are a natural fit for my work.

Finally, the photos were styled by Megan James Styling and Janderyn Makris of Earth and Sugar, two babes I feel completely blessed to have in my life every day. Their fluid design made these photos sing.

Thank you to Tim Lipman of Coolinary Café, Joe Ferro of Table 26, Rick Mace of Café Boulud, Eric Baker of Max’s Harvest and James Pruitt of Farmer’s Table.

The whole article can be found here : The art of vegetables_Palm Beach Illustrated


Chef’s Potluck Dinner - when chefs get together

It started with a conversation between Social House owner Laura McGlynn and I. Wonderment really: the chefs work SO hard. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could bring them together and give them an opportunity and a space to hang out with each other? Build camaraderie, build community, which is one of the cornerstones of the Social House, the amazing Co-working studio that has fundamentally and positively affected my business since joining them last year. What if WE could do our little part?

That was two months ago.

The idea took traction, grew up a bit, went under the discerning eyes of a few culinary leaders, a flurry of emails, a bit of online shopping, some flower collaboration, some frantic texts and emails during a black tie wedding, a few late nights “OH crap, we forgot the…”


Chef’s potluck dinner at Social House


And then, without much more fanfare than what I just described (and honestly, that wasn’t much), it happened Monday night. A simple chef's potluck dinner. Yet it was so much more than that. It was a celebration of our amazing chefs, a bringing together of our amazing culinary talent and the opportunity for the chefs to kick back, chill out and hang out with each other.

We had 25 total guests – counting chefs sig-oths and sous come break bread at the Social House. We suggested a potluck dinner and purposefully did not organize too much. Our whole attitude was “they’re all big boys and girls – they can figure it out.” The Social House offered up their kitchen if the chefs needed it and we loved watching how the chefs gravitated toward the kitchen, even during the cocktail hour designed specifically for them.  We had killer cocktails from David Bouchard of Nitrogen and beautiful wine form Mariya Kovacheva of Pernod Ricard, a natural fit from her days of pouring wine at Café Boulud with Zach Bell. Plus, Mariya’s known me since I was a baby (okay, a 20-something which feels almost the same).


For one night we wanted to serve them


They slipped into the role of guest unnaturally at times – but that was the whole point. They spend all season long serving – for one night, so at Chef's potluck dinner we wanted to serve them. I got a few requests along the way to let others join the fun but we felt pretty strongly about keeping the invites to chefs only – no public, no tickets sold, no media. We simply wanted to provide a venue and logistics for you guys to hang out.
We roped Zach Bell into being our official MC of the night – the Patron as we think of him. And there are so many more chefs that we look forward to including in the next dinner – please drop me an email if we may have missed you this time around. It certainly was not intentional. We’re already planning for a kid’s table at the next one!


Why the Chef’s potluck dinner made my day


And can I just say – that was the best damn potluck dinner I have ever been to. Just imagine 20+ dishes where every bite was the best dish you’ve ever eaten. It was like Thanksgiving times fifty – where everything you ate was the best. I flew to Vegas the next day and not one meal I had in Vegas topped that dinner.

I got a little misty-eyed looking around the room and watching all the chefs hanging out at Chef's potluck dinner and talking to each other because I’m like that. It was exactly what I wanted. Thank you all SO much for coming (and bringing such delicious food). You made our dreams come true this week.


[…] Chef’s Potluck Dinner - when chefs get together […]

[…] Chef’s Potluck Dinner - when chefs get together […]